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Blocked Drains

If you’re experiencing blocked drains in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry, we can help with a thorough inspection and appropriate clearing for the problem.

There are lots of reasons why drains block up and you need to get the right treatment for the cause of the problem.

Whether it’s tree roots, food debris and cooking fats, hair or foreign objects blocking your drains, we’ll find the issue, unblock it and advise you on how to keep it clear.

Blocked drains are a source of bacteria and can build up and back up, causing serious health issues for you and your family.

We’ve got the equipment to find the problem and clear any blocked drain, without the use of heavy duty chemicals and can repair and replace drains as required.

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Water & Gas Leak Detection

Water and gas leaks are not only be damaging and dangerous but can add considerably to your water and gas accounts as well.

If your water or gas accounts are unusually high, you may have a leak in hidden or inaccessible places in your home or business premises.

We’ve got the latest electro-acoustic detection equipment to detect any water leakages in your premises and because we’re fully equipped licensed plumbers, we can fix the problem promptly.

We can check all your installations and if there’s even a small leak anywhere in your home, we’ll find it and fix it.

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Whole House Water Filtration

Unfiltered water can affect the efficient operation of all your pipes and appliances, slowing the flow, causing limescale crusting buildup and raising your energy costs.

We provide the best whole house water filtration systems on the market at the best possible prices in Perth and surrounding districts.

Whole house filtration systems ensure that all your appliances and pipes are protected from unnecessary particle and calcification build up.

Your appliances will work better and last longer with clear clean filtered water that is provided to every part of your home through filter installations.

Call us for an inspection and assessment of your entire plumbing system and appliances and we can help with filtratFion that will save you money and hassle.

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